Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Social Media & Digital Humanities: Methods/Approaches for Social Scientists

    • A Message From The Instructor
    • How To Use This Course
    • What Do You Want Out Of The Course?
  • 2

    Part 1: Overview of Social Media Research Theory

    • Introduction to Social Media Research
    • Overview of a Published Social Media Study
    • Qualitative Methods to Analyse Social Media Data
    • PDF of a Published Study on Analysing Swine Flu Tweets Using Thematic Analysis
    • Coding Tweets: An Example of a Dataset
    • Quantitative Methods to Analyse Social Media Data
    • Theoretical Frameworks and Netnography
    • General Benefits and Limitations of Social Media
  • 3

    Part 2: Overview of Practical Social Media Tools

    • Introduction to Practical Tools
    • NodeXL for Social Media Analysis
    • NodeXL Examples Of The 6-Types of Twitter Networks
    • Example of a Published Study Using NodeXL and Social Network Analysis
    • Advanced Reading on 6-Types of NodeXL Twitter Network
    • Commercial Tools for Social Media Research
    • Free Academic Tools For Social Media Research
    • Social Media and Image Analysis: an Introduction
    • Web Scraping to get data from Review Websites, Forums and Social Media
  • 4

    Using NodeXL to Download and Analyse Tweets Quick Start Guide

    • NodeXL and Automation
    • Alternative Social Media Research Foundation Quick Start Guide
    • Quick Start Guide PDF version
  • 5

    Using Mozdeh to download tweets quick start guide

    • Mozdeh Quick Start Guide
    • Mozdeh Full Manual
  • 6

    Conclusion and Lessons

    • Conclusion
    • Ethical Issues in Social Media Research
    • Book Chapter on the Ethics of Researching Twitter
    • End of Course Quiz
    • Submit Your Social Media Study Assignment

What are you waiting for?

This is your chance to learn about incorporating social media data in your research by a leading expert in the area, Dr. Wasim Ahmed.

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  • Who will benefit from this course?

    This course will benefit a wide range of people including, but not exhaustive to: Academics/ Researchers, Masters and PhD students, Research Support Staff and Managers, Library and Information Professionals, Communications and Marketing Professionals, Finance/Banking Professionals, Entrepreneurs

  • What inspired this course?

    This course has been developed from an offline training event delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science in May 2019. It is run by Dr. Wasim Ahmed who is an academic with over 20 peer-reviewed outputs and an expert in social media. He has delivered over 80 talks in over 11 countries.

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Pantaleon Fassbender

Excellent investment to update my knowledge of the topic. I found the course material well selected and the sessions engaging as well as the resources profes...

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Excellent investment to update my knowledge of the topic. I found the course material well selected and the sessions engaging as well as the resources professionally laid out. Thank you very much!

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Wasim Ahmed


Wasim Ahmed

The course is run by Dr. Wasim Ahmed who is a social scientist with a PhD on social media and Digital Humanities who has published many papers on the topic of social media and has delivered prestigious talks all around the world.